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    A brief introduction
DanCare is a Danish sales and consulting company situated north of Copenhagen. DanCare’s core business is sale and marketing of products and services within the pharmacy and medtech sectors.
Our businessconcept is to work on representative or consultancy basis for individual companies or to cooperate with business agencies as local partner. DanCare has extensive knowledge of the
the pharmacy and medtech sectors and can assist your company in establishing or building up business activities locally. 

Starting up
Before setting up co-operation, a non-binding meeting will be arranged to discuss your ideas and plans for your future activities. DanCare will see your business opportunities from a new perspective, aiming at introducing unconventional ways to establish new business activities. 

Successful co-operation
Successful co-operation grounds on mutual commitment. Regardless of whether the co-operation is of short or long duration, DanCare is committed to achieve the best possible result for your company.

Carsten N. Holm

CEO and Owner

DanCare sales ApS  •  Bakkestjernevej 8  •  DK-3390 Hundested  • Denmark  • Tel.: +45 2620 0160